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Bushwick · Ridgewood · Williamsburg

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Housing & Homelessness

  • Immediately support mutual aid organizations who are directly helping our unhoused neighbors through compassion and solidarity, while we all work to find more concrete long term solutions

  • Adjust the way we calculate and use AMI, as this rarely reflects the reality of the district

  • Continue to push for a rent moratorium and establish pathways for rent relief for those with rent debts

  • End surveilling and policing of NYCHA residents

  • Make critical investments in NYCHA improvements - including in eliminating lead paint, mold, and other hazards in NYCHA properties as well as more community spaces

  • Ensure 100% access to high-speed internet throughout all NYCHA properties


Defunding the Police, Re-Funding Our Communities

​We need to re-imagine the NYPD, but not just in how we enforce our laws. We need to create a new policing structure that addresses both the much needed reforms around anti-racism and demilitarization as well as our mental health crisis and the deteriorating relationship between police and the communities they are meant to serve.

  • Reorganize the NYPD into two divisions, one focused on law enforcement & one focused on quality of life issues

    • The law enforcement division would have many of the same duties as the current NYPD, but with reforms aimed at demilitarization and would be a much smaller percentage of the force

    • The larger quality of life division would function less like the military and more like a social services organization made up of social workers, community leaders, and other members of the community who want to improve their neighborhood

    • Quality of life division members would be trained and supplied with self-defense tools, but would not use firearms

  • Demilitarize the NYPD, we do not need our city’s officers in military gear - that’s what the National Guard is for

  • Remove NYPD officers from schools, and invest in counselors, social workers, and nurses

  • Have mental health professionals respond to mental health crises, removing this responsibility from the NYPD; train social workers as first responders

  • Require bias testing prior to employment for all members of the NYPD that is administered by a third-party as well as continuous annual bias testing for all members of the NYPD, uniformed or civilian - we can’t have ANY racist cops

  • Transfer traffic enforcement to the Department of Transportation

  • Decriminalize drug use and invest in community solutions to addiction

  • Decriminalize sex work and end the VICE unit of the NYPD

  • Committed to the NYC DSA Public Safety Pledge: https://www.nycpublicsafetypledge.com/

  • Increase Police accountability by outlawing the idea of professional courtesy, which is the practice of cops letting other cops get away with some crimes like speeding and DUI because they’re cops

  • Outlaw the distribution and possession of “Courtesy Cards” which are generated by the police unions and are designed to work like a “get out of jail free” card for the person possessing the card, insinuating that because they know or are related to a cop, they should be allowed to break some laws

  • Cops who are caught intentionally breaking laws should immediately be suspended without pay pending a full investigation


Economic Recovery

  • Establish a Green New Deal in NYC - creating jobs while investing in our city’s climate change resilience

  • Make targeted investment in our city’s arts and culture - leading to job growth and the revamping of NYC’s tourism industry

  • Support rental assistance and relief for small businesses who have suffered through the pandemic - with a particular lens on helping minority and women-owned businesses

  • Expand the commercial eviction moratorium

  • Pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA)

  • Make the open streets and open restaurants programs permanent

  • Take back regulatory authority from the state on key issues - MTA, bridge & tunnel authority, liquor authority, and more


Public Transportation & Transit Alternatives

  • End alternate side parking to make it harder for the City to take advantage of Black and Brown communities

  • Implement a city pilot program for residents who sell their car, to receive a monthly allowance for alternative forms of transportation

  • Create more protected bike lanes, especially in district

  • Subsidize existing car-share programs to expand availability and reduce costs for New Yorkers

  • Expand bus service throughout the district and invest in increasing accessibility to subway service

  • Invest in expanding the Fair Fares program, and examine the creation of new programs that increase affordability for low-income New Yorkers

  • Move to make CitiBike a public resource that is free to all NYC residents

  • Expand the Access-a-Ride program as a public-private partnership with NYC Taxi owners



  • NYC teachers should be paid more than NYPD officers, because investing in people is more important than investing in enforcement

  • Implement an immediate top to bottom assessment of DoE spending to determine where we can reallocate and best use our City budget funds

  • Create more public-private partnership in education to reduce stress on city resources and to expand education options for students

  • Establish more vocational schools and training programs, ensuring that all students are set up for success after high school

  • Place more counselors, nurses, and social workers in every NYC public school

  • Expand the community schools program, to allow communities to leverage school resources, and continue to prevent chronic absenteeism and disciplinary incidents

  • Find creative ways to utilize school buildings and infrastructure, such as providing additional overnight and summer housing for homeless New Yorkers when children are not present

Scott Murphy is a 2021 Democratic Candidate for City Council District 34 which covers portions of the neighborhoods of Bushwick, Ridgewood, and Williamsburg to succeed term-limited Antonio Reynoso.


Scott Moved to New York City from Chicago 10 years ago. He is a volunteer in the community where he serves as a healthcare worker with the Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Through his experience with the ambulance corps, he’s been able to get to know members of the community and better understand the current and actionable needs of his neighbors. He’s seen firsthand the challenges his neighbors are suffering from: from affording rent, to getting to jobs that pay a living wage, to something as simple as dealing with alternate side parking rules that make no sense. Scott believes that taking a human-centric approach to local government will make people's lives better and allow them to achieve more.


Scott also has extensive experience in business, including as a small business owner and working in various roles within on-demand mobility and transportation. He knows the value that small businesses play in the fabric of a community and the importance of keeping small businesses afloat through these tough economic times.


Scott is running for City Council now because he believes we need fresh ideas and a new perspective to take on the challenges we face and help the communities of District 34 thrive. The status quo isn’t going to get the job done, but Scott has the experience, passion, and know-how to create the change District 34 needs.


Scott Murphy's Endorsements

To build back a New York City that works for everyone, we need fresh ideas and new perspectives.

From Mayor down to City Council, we need leaders that can work together to get things done for NYC.